This site is an experimental project. I’ve not put together a blog before so I am at least in part playing around with the form. But content matters as much as form so I’ll be attempting to provide daily updates. Some will be richer than others in substance — perhaps the best will be the fictional entries. I’m intending to use this blog to develop several narrative strands that will either form the basis of linked anthologies of short stories or several outright novels. These will either be prepared for publication or let loose for free onto the wilds of the Internet. As I get my proverbial feet underneath me the signal to noise ratio of this blog will improve steadily, but I can’t promise that it won’t be a rocky beginning.

Some mild personal background: I’m a thirty three year old Canadian PhD candidate in English literature. I have a strong background in comic books, video games, modernism, postmodernism, posthumanism, genre theory, and cyberpunk culture. I’ve delivered only one paper publically as of this date, at WorldCon, with two more in the pipe for early 2010. I am engaged to a wonderful American woman who puts me to shame in just about every respect.


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