Midas Is King

January 22, 2010

After a tumultuous holiday season, I’m back. Managed to survive Christmas with the in-laws, crossing the border twice and flying three times, plus driving up in blizzard conditions for my birthday and New Year’s with my friends. Work rushed back in, as it is wont to do, distracting me further, and if that wasn’t bad enough I got broken into last week. Bastards stole my laptop and a bunch of other things, and I lost at least a week’s worth of work (truth to tell I’m still not sure how much I actually lost). Thankfully I was able to hit the ground running and, I think, I’m back up to form now. So no worries.

More fiction tomorrow, depending on how much I can get written tonight. Meantime I suggest all you Americans out there barrage your congressmen with e-mails and letters to protest the recent decision to remove the ban on corporate sponsorship of federal elections. This isn’t a decision that appraoches justice or equanimity! It’s nothing more than a re-opening of a door to graft and corruption that had been wisely shut for some years. So get your asses out there, proverbially speaking! Don’t let corporate interests get the idea that your elections are for sale! Remember lobbiests? This would be one-hundred times (exactly, scientifically measured and tested) worse at the very least! SO DO SOMETHING.


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